Since its introduction in 2010, the Precision Star GPS Speedometer has quickly become one of the most popular speedometer replacement options in ski boat country.

Most boats manufactured over the last thirty years use water pressure based pitot sensors or paddle wheel based pickups to provide speed information to the analogue speedometer. Unfortunately these devices lag in speed accuracy, are not linear and some are simply not operational due to weeds or tubing problems. And the slow reacting analogue needle only gives you an approximation of speed.



Unlike yesterday’s speedometers, the revolutionary Precision Star 5 Hz offers high speed GPS Accuracy in a large easy to read “digital” format. Installation is incredibly simple and fast. The entire unit is self-contained with no external gps puck required and no calibration.

We are now shipping the superfast “next generation” product at just $349 with more features including “Peak Speed” and “Trip Odometer”. We have the perfect fit for most ski boats, stern drive and outboard motor equipped boats in a variety of designs to match your existing gauges.

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